Are You Ready For Some Football?!!!

Southern Pines Parks and Recreatin

The Bears

The Southern Pines Parks and Recreation Department has a Youth Athletics Program. The program includes all sorts of sports for kids to participate in. Last night the Bears played the Redskins in Youth Tackle Football and I just can’t believe they left me in the crate and went without me. Mom said I would likely try to chase the ball. Well yeah, that’s why you throw a ball. So while I took a nap while mom and dad enjoyed a beautiful evening cheering on their favorite team, The Bears. If you have kids who like sports, check out the Southern Pines Parks and Rec website. Mom says when I can control the urge to play with the team, I can go along. Be sure to watch for me next year.

If you would like to move to Southern Pines, be sure to call my Dad, Allan Nanney, at 910-528-1181 or go to his website at .

About Sascha

My name is Sascha and I am a German Shepherd. I was born in June of 2010 in Fayetteville, NC. After my adoption I have moved to the Pinehurst / Southern Pines area of North Carolina. I love to take long walks and enjoy meeting new friends and going to new places. Come explore and learn the area with me. If you think this would be a great place to live please give my Dad a call at 910-528-1181 or visit his website at
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