Today Is Not a Day In The Park

A Great Day Fishing

Fishing at the Reservoir

Well, the snow yesterday was a lot of fun but this morning we are icy and I don’t like that. It makes me walk funny. So, you won’t have any pictures of me out exploring today. I’m going to sit on the couch in the front window and watch the world slide by. But you can see a picture from last week. It was only a week ago I was in the park and this man was fishing at Reservoir Park. Boy, if I wasn’t hooked to a leash with Mom and Dad, I would go in that water and find my own fish or chase after a couple of geese.

While the weather the last couple of days has not been perfect, it is great to stay inside and rest. I would read a book but I don’t have any thumbs to hold it open and turn the pages, but you could. And guess what, in a few days it will be warm and we will be back at the park and people will be fishing and kayaking again! You can’t say that up north.

If you would like to live here where we have beautiful snow and it is gone in a few days so you can play golf again, call my Dad, Allan Nanney, at 910-528-1181 and check out his website at .

About Sascha

My name is Sascha and I am a German Shepherd. I was born in June of 2010 in Fayetteville, NC. After my adoption I have moved to the Pinehurst / Southern Pines area of North Carolina. I love to take long walks and enjoy meeting new friends and going to new places. Come explore and learn the area with me. If you think this would be a great place to live please give my Dad a call at 910-528-1181 or visit his website at
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